Monday, October 1, 2018

Brittany Rawls Art

Brittany Rawls Custom Art

I am SO excited to share this personalized and meaningful wedding gift that Jacob and I received from my Mom this weekend 💙  Since the first day that we got engaged, I have said over and over again how I hoped that we got one of these because of how special they are! Brittany Rawls is a local North Carolina artist that I heard of through mutual friends in Greenville, NC. She is absolutely incredible. I have been following her on Instagram for a long time admiring these paintings in addition to the live event paintings that she does and many other things! If you have never heard of her or seen her work, I highly recommend checking her out! 

Today I am going to share with you our customized painting and the story behind each of the elements included! In our painting, we started at the top with our parents' houses. Jacob grew up in Warrenton, NC (his house is on the right) and I grew up in Louisburg, NC (on the left). They are both super small towns if you have never heard of them but they are only about 25 minutes apart! Next is a picture of the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC, which is the trip Jacob took me on when we got engaged last December. It was one of the most amazing and memorable trips I have ever been on! I have always loved the Biltmore (which Jacob knows) so he gave me a trip to Asheville and to the Biltmore last Christmas. Little did I know, we were going to be getting engaged there too 😍  He seriously always gives the most thoughtful gifts and does the most thoughtful things! Next is a picture of Louisburg Baptist Church, which is where our wedding ceremony is going to be! Beside that is a picture of the Timberlake House in Louisburg, NC, which is where the reception is going to be. It's also where our engagement pictures were taken! Last, at the bottom, is a picture of our home Jacob and I purchased together last January in Garner, NC. 

I wouldn't trade this picture for the world! Every single place drawn into it means so much to me and I cannot thank my Mom and Brittany enough for making it happen for us! 

Like I said before, you MUST check out Brittany Rawls if you are looking for the perfect and most special gifts! I am linking her website here but if you are on Instagram, I highly suggest you following here on there as well. Thanks again Brittany, we could not love it more! 


On another note, I want to link my AMAZING new top from Mary & Mak that I got this weekend! If you follow me on Instagram (which I highly recommend you doing for even more content not featured on here), you saw my try on session at Mary & Mak on Saturday! This top was the one that I got the most questions about and direct link requests for. I also wore it to a birthday party on Saturday night and got so many compliments. I am going to link it here so that you can shop it easily! It runs a little big so I recommend sizing down, I got the small. Hurry and grab it now before it's gone because it most definitely a BEST SELLER! 

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