Friday, October 26, 2018

DIY Counting Task Binder

Calling All Elementary Teachers

If you are looking for a fun and engaging math center idea, this super easy DIY project is for you! Let me start off by saying that I can take NO credit for these amazing pineapple tens frames. I got these from Krista Wallden on Teachers Pay Teachers. If you are a fellow Teachers Pay Teachers user, I highly recommend you following her for the most fun and colorful items. She is sure to have something to brighten up your classroom. After I downloaded these from her store, I put my own little DIY spin on them that I'm going to share with you today 🎉

Since I teach multiple grade levels at the same time, I have to constantly come up with individualized tasks that keep my students engaged. Binder systems have recently become my GO TO. They are so hands on and not only help with academic skills but also fine motor skills. This particular binder that I've created focuses on one to one correspondence for numbers 1 through 20. 

The first thing that I did was laminate the pages in order to keep them from messing up and tearing. From there I put them in a plain 3" binder and stuck the 'zero' tens frame in the front as my cover! For numbers 1 through 10, I used velcro dots that I buy in BULK from Amazon to attach counter circles to match each number. This provides students with the opportunity to use one to one correspondence to count as they attach the velcro pieces into the tens frames. They LOVE it and what they don't know is that they are learning and having fun at the same time 🙌  And the best part for teachers is that you can watch students as they work and take notes as to how they are/are not using one to one correspondence for a SUPER easy way to progress monitor! 

For numbers 11 through 20, students have to take their learning to the next level! The velcro pieces are no longer attached so they have to use their finger to touch each black dot on the paper to count. 


Please FEEL FREE to drop a comment below with any questions that you have about this task binder! I'm happy to help and love sharing my DIY projects with my fellow teachers. Again, HUGE SHOUT OUT to Krista Wallden for her amazing resources! 


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