Monday, October 22, 2018

Prepping for the Holidays

Holiday Wardrobe Planning

Am I the only one already thinking about Christmas parties/holiday parties/Christmas IN GENERAL?! 😍  I absolutely love dressing up for Christmas parties and other holiday related events, especially ones that require cocktail attire! I've always loved dressing up and you can pretty much always guarantee that I'll be over dressed versus under dressed 🙈  Worse things have happened! Well if you're like me and love dressing up especially around the holidays, this post is FOR YOU.

I have found the PERFECT cocktail attire outfit! I'll also start off by saying that this post is all about SPLURGING (meaning featuring items over $100) but what's wrong with buying yourself an early Christmas gift or two?! 🎉

I want to talk a little bit about this amazing clutch from Dress for Cocktails. If you have watched the show Southern Charm then you have definitely seen this brand featured! I had honestly never watched the show or heard of this brand until recently but I am now IN LOVE. I'm going to walk you through step by step how to design your very own CUSTOM Original Cocktail Clutch 😍

First, you choose your clutch color! The color that I chose is 'Black Dalmatian', which is the first option on the left.

Next, you choose your bow color and let me tell you.. that is a TOUGH decision! There are so many beautiful options, it is so hard to pick! Luckily, you can order additional bows if you're super indecisive like me or if you want to style your clutch many different ways!

For this look, I decided to go with the plain black bow, which is also your first option on the left! I just think that this black and white is so elegant looking. 

I styled my black and white cocktail clutch with this STUNNING red Anna Cate Collection dress that I received in my latest Anna Cate VIP box! If you have not tried out the VIP experience, I HIGHLY recommend doing so! I previously did a blog post on the entire experience that you can view here for step by step directions 🎉

This 'Kylie' dress is absolutely gorgeous on and so flattering! If you follow me on Instagram, this is one of the dresses I showed in my recent try on session. If you missed it, you can still view it under my 'Anna Cate' Instagram story highlight so make sure to check that out for exact sizing references! This dress runs slightly big so I sized down to a small and it fits perfectly. 

Shop your Kylie dress here using code 'ADDIE15' at checkout for my EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT! 

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