Friday, January 11, 2019

Valentine's Day Prepping

Do you have big plans this Valentine's Day?!

This is going to be our first MARRIED Valentine's Day 😍  We have absolutely nothing planned (that I know of) so far but don't worry... I'll be sure to already have my outfit planned for when Jacob decides to tell me what we're doing 😉  I honestly used to LOATHE Valentine's Day and would only wear black just to validate my hatred. Dramatic, I know. However when I started dating Jacob, I got a totally different perspective of it. From the first year we dated, he's always made it so special (flowers, fancy dinners, cards, gifts, etc.). He certainly won't let you know it, but he's extremely sweet when he wants to be 😁  Funny story.... Do you guys remember my big shoes blog post not too long ago with those leopard high heels with the huge red pom poms?! Well if you read it, you saw that I said Jacob was NOT a fan of them but being the festive person I am, I decided it would be a good idea to wear them with a red sweater to a Valentine's Day dinner he took me to a few years ago. I really didn't think I was going to get my flowers and gift that year, but I guess he overlooked them hahaha.

Anyway... I've been seeing so many Valentine's Day outfit and accessory ideas so I thought I would go ahead and do this post now so you can plan ahead! Whether you have a fancy date night planned or are spending Valentine's Day with the girls, these earrings will be the PERFECT addition to any outfit! Also, they are ALL UNDER $100! 

Bri Kel Boutique 'This is my Debut' Earrings - $32

These are so fun and lightweight! They also come in lots of other colors that you can style so many ways. Shop them now from one of my favorite online jewelry boutiques, Bri Kel Boutique, in all 6 colors! 

Allie Beads 'Lips' Earrings - $74

Okay... I may be the only one but I have been OBSESSED with these ever since I saw them! Jacob made so much fun of them when I ordered them... he thinks my earring selections are a little extra sometimes 😂  But clearly I'm not the only one who loves them because when I was typing up this post, I realized they were now all sold out on the Allie Beads website. However, they are still available online where I purchased mine! Cologne & Cotton Boutique (which is new and SO CUTE btw) has them available so I highly recommend snagging them while you can if you're a fan too! I just think they're so fun.   

Fab Finds Boutique Hamilton Holiday Lace Earrings - $19 

These are so cute and come in tons of different colors! Not to mention, they're under $20 which you cannot beat. I found them at a local boutique in Fayetteville, NC called Fabulous Finds Boutique. If you are in the area, I highly recommend checking them out! But if not you can also shop all of their products online, including these earrings. 

Kendra Scott Denise Statement Earrings - ON SALE NOW $94.97

Yall know I'm a HUGE Kendra Scott fan! I have these earrings in white and blue too, all of which I purchased at Mary & Mak. It's rare to find Kendra earrings like these for under $100 but HERE THEY ARE! Despite their size, they are super lightweight and you can even remove the bottom tassel to make them shorter. Shop them now for this great price in several colors while you can! 

Allie Beads 'Nestling' Earrings - $84

I just posted about these in our honeymoon blog post as I'm sure many of you saw! I got SO many compliments on them in the Bahamas and I think they are also perfect for Valentine's Day, especially if you're going on vacation! They are so fun and different and I just love all of the detail. Shop them now in pink, black, or bronze. 

Lisi Lerch Gold Tassel Earrings - $98

Everyone loves Lisi Lerch's original tassel earrings! I also posted about these in our honeymoon post but they are perfect for any holiday occasion. You can dress them up with pink or red for Valentine's Day OR if you aren't into colors, they pair perfectly with black or white. Shop them now from the Pink Monogram


Leave a comment below with your favorites and let me know how you plan on styling them or if you need Valentine's Day styling tips!  


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