Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Raise your hand if you tend to be a last minute shopper like me...

Luckily my Mom is not super hard to shop for because we like pretty much all of the same things. However, that may not be the case for you so I've rounded up some amazing Mother's Day gift ideas if you haven't gotten your Mom a gift yet. Whether you're shopping for your Mom, Grandmother, Aunt, Wife, etc. you will be sure to find something here! The best part is... everything is UNDER $100 and mostly everything is UNDER $50!

Is anyone else's Mom ALWAYS cold?! I can be practically sweating to death and my Mom is over there looking for her nearest cardigan because she's freezing. And I say nearest cardigan because she has at least one with her at all times.. no joke ๐Ÿ˜‚This cardigan is SO soft and comes in so many different colors. I actually have it myself and wear it to work with so many different things. I recommend sizing down one size when you buy this for your Mom unless she likes an oversized fit! 

Who doesn't need a pair of cute and comfy wedges?! These are AMAZING and under $100. You can't beat the quality for the price. 

Everyone needs a pair of "every day" stud earrings... Mom or not! These are my go to studs for work and when I am just out and about running errands. These are the perfect studs especially for Mom's with short hair because you may not always want to make a statement with your earrings (like me). My Mom is much more of a dainty earring person than I am so if your Mom is too, these are perfect for her! 

Everyone's Mom needs to keep up with the latest trends, right?! This is the cutest bamboo bag I've seen yet and it's right on trend. My Mom would love this bag and I'm sure yours would too! Plus, it has a shoulder strap so that's always a plus. 

Candles are a MUST. Growing up, my Mom always kept one burning in our house. I can't remember a single second she was home that there wasn't at least one candle burning. She's still like that to this day. Every time I go home to her house there's one burning in the kitchen and most likely at least one other room. Besides... who doesn't love a good candle ๐Ÿ˜ This is one of my favorites and it's such a good price and has the prettiest detail. 

My Mom actually bought me my first bottle of this Versace perfume when I was in high school and it's all I've used ever since. She is a huge fan of it too! It smells AMAZING and so clean. My Mom isn't a fan of floral scents when it comes to perfume so this one is perfect. 

Let's be honest... you know your Mom needs AND deserves a beach vacation this summer! What better gift than an adorable beach bag for her to take with her. This one is so cute and the tassel comes in two different color options. Plus it's super affordable and can hold all of her beach necessities. 

LAST BUT NOT LEAST! One of mine and my Mom's favorite authors is Kristy Woodson Harvey. This is her brand new book that was just released YESTERDAY. Her books are incredible and always have the sweetest family bonds. This new book would be the perfect Mother's Day gift because we all know Mom's love to read... I know mine does anyway! 

Shop all of these Mother's Day items HERE in the liketoKNOW.it app now! 



  1. LOVE this! Thank you so much for your sweet words and including The Southern Side of Paradise in your Mother's Day round up!

    1. Always!! I think it would make the best Mother's Day gift :)

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