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One year ago today, I published my very first blog post. I cannot believe that it has been one full year since I decided to start this amazing blogging journey! I don't even know how to put into words how incredible this has been so far for me and how supportive and encouraging each and every one of YOU have been. None of this would be possible without you all following me and supporting me and I am more thankful than you know. I have learned so much and grown so much this year but I can certainly tell you that it was not all growth and success. It was A LOT of failure too. This process is all about trial and error and VERY hard work. You guys have no idea how much work goes into each and everything that I post and how much behind the scenes work that it takes. When I started a year ago, I truly had no idea what I was getting myself into. Don't get me wrong, I did my fair share of research and had a pretty good plan set but like anything else, you truly never know until you try. 

I have met so many amazing people, built so many wonderful relationships with other bloggers all over the world, partnered with so many amazing brands and boutiques, and learned SO many things. So I want to share with you today the top 5 things that I have learned this year since I have started blogging.

1. Be patient and good WILL come to you. 

When I first started, I wanted to be ALL IN. I wanted the big brand partnerships, the perfect Instagram worthy photos, all of it. But let me tell you... that is not real life. It takes time and time and time and more time. I'm still not anywhere near where I want to be but it's only going to get better from here 😍

2. Don't be afraid of rejection.

I can't tell you how many brands/boutiques that I've reached out to this year that have told me "no" or not even responded at all. And that's okay! Maybe it's not my time for that yet or they just weren't the brands for me. I just moved right on to the next one that I was interested in and kept trying and trying. Trust me it paid off because I have gotten to partner with the most amazing brands and boutiques that I have ever seen this year! I am so incredibly fortunate. 

3. Never give up.

Always have hope! This is a process, a never ending one. You get what you put in and I'm a firm believer in that. You'll fail a hundred times but that one time that you don't will make it all worthwhile. 

4. Never compare yourself to others.

This is probably the most important thing that I had to make myself do. When I first started this a year ago, I was constantly comparing myself to other bloggers. Ones I thought were prettier, more successful, had nicer things, had cuter things, more followers, etc. Where did that get me? No where. I had to be myself and create content that's unique to ME, no one else. Yes, a lot of bloggers share the same things but that's the real life of trendy things and big name places/brands. However, I really try hard to share things that I don't see anywhere else and that I truly love! Another thing I always try to do is support small businesses- it's one of my favorite things to do and usually they are the hidden gems with the cutest finds 😍

5. Realize and be grateful for how much support you have, not what/who you don't have. 

We are always quick to look at that follower count. How many followers do you have? How many followers do those other bloggers have? Don't get me wrong, having a good and continuously growing following is important but I always try not to get caught up in the numbers! I have realized that it's SO important to engage the following that I do have and I truly appreciate every single comment/like and "follow" that I get from you guys! I may not be able to respond to every single thing sometimes but trust me, I read it all and I see it all. Again, I would be NO WHERE without all of you and if you're reading this... THANK YOU.


To my best friends and family, thank you. Thank you for understanding that I put the majority of my life on social media and accepting that. Thank you for always being willing to take my pictures and help me out. I love and appreciate you all πŸ’—

To my Husband, thank you. If you guys know Jacob, you know he hates pictures (the exact opposite of me). However, he has NEVER once told me no to taking a picture with me or of me. He never complains about having to take my pictures with "the perfect background," putting a lot of our life on social media, constantly having packages show up at our door, etc. He may not like it, but he is always supporting me in so many ways and I truly could not be more thankful. 

To my fellow blogger friends, thank you! Thank you for accepting me into this world and following along with me. Even though I have never met the majority of you in person, I feel like you guys are friends that I've had forever! You all are the best.

To my followers and supporters, THANK YOU. I truly appreciate each and every one of you! If I could take the time to personally thank each of you that have read my posts, liked and commented on my posts, bought things through my links, etc, I would. Your support means the world to me, it really really does. 


This is my passion (one of them anyway) and I am just getting started! I have always been a determined person and I am determined for A Daily Dose of Class to succeed and CONTINUE to succeed. With the help and support of all of you, I am going to continue to grow and improve. With that being said, I am ALWAYS open to suggestions and tips on how I can improve and cater more to you guys! Please please please never hesitate to reach out to me about something you want to see more or less of. It's only going to get better from here! LET'S DO THIS πŸ’“

Xoxo- Addie 

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Sunday, June 23, 2019

LTK DAY... Trust Me It's Good

The first ever day is finally here! 

I am SO excited to be a part of this day so I can share these AMAZING sales with you! There are so many brands that are offering so many incredible sales today but I want to highlight a few of my very favorites. This sale is TODAY ONLY (6/23/19) and exclusively for subscribers so if you aren't following me in the app yet, CLICK HERE to do so! I always share so much content for you to shop that doesn't always make it onto here or Instagram. Plus, why would you want to miss a sale as amazing as this just because you haven't subscribed?! The app is totally FREE and so easy to navigate. Every time I post a photo, you can instantly my entire look just by the click of a button. 

1. Victoria Emerson- 40% OFF THE ENTIRE SITE!


2. The Styled Collection- 30% OFF THE ENTIRE SITE


3. Kendra Scott- 20% OFF THE ENTIRE SITE


4. EXPRESS- 35% OFF $125 OR MORE! 



Thursday, June 20, 2019

Summer Dresses UNDER $30

Earlier this week, I shared a try on session on Instagram with some items that I have recently purchased from SHEIN. I got SUCH amazing feedback from the try on but I also got many many questions from you guys about the sizing, fit, and shipping information. Many people are skeptical about ordering from SHEIN because their clothes are so "cheap" and they have "heard negative things about the products." I was actually very skeptical too at first because of my first experience ordering! A year or so ago (maybe more), I placed my first order from SHEIN and was so excited because the prices were so amazing and the clothes were so cute! However, I was so disappointed when my package FINALLY came in the mail. And I say finally because it took FOREVER for it to get here. Once it got here, the items were so small that I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have gone on one of my legs... much less my whole body. Needless to say, I didn't order from them anymore. 

HOWEVER earlier this year, I started seeing more and more of my blogger friends sharing items they had recently purchased from SHEIN. I messaged them asking about the fit and the shipping time etc. and all of the responses were the same. NORMAL shipping (5-7 business days). TRUE to size. Better quality. So a few months ago, I decided to give SHEIN another try and I am SO glad I did. Everything that I heard from my friends was true! The quality is so much better, the shipping is SO much faster, and the sizing is much more true! 😍

FAQ's (and answers) from my recent SHEIN try on: 

1. Are the clothes true to size? YES (for the most part). I ordered 7 items that I will be sharing with you. 6 of them were true to size and 1 of them ran big (so I sized down to a small and it fit perfectly). When you click on an item on their website, you can see REAL reviews from people that have purchased. You can sometimes even see pictures that people share so that is what I went by and they were all very accurate! 

2. How long did it take for you to receive the items? Regular standard shipping time, which is 5 to 7 business days! 

3. Have you ever ordered bathing suits? YES!!!!! You can shop my top 3 favorite ones here that I shared a month or so ago! HOWEVER, the bathing suits do run small in my opinion. I sized up one size in all of these and they fit perfectly. I've already worn them so much this year! 

4. Will you order from them again? ABSOLUTELY. I will try to do one SHEIN try on session each month or so with new items that I receive! 

5. How is the quality? Obviously it's not the best quality in the world but it's certainly not bad! Out of the 7 pieces that I received, only one was see through (which I explain in the review below) and the rest were good! 

6. Was this sponsored? NO! These were all items that I purchased on my own and my reviews are totally honest! 

My recent SHEIN purchase (ALL UNDER $30 & MOSTLY UNDER $20):

1. This dress is SO cute! It's a midi length and a little bit oversized. This is the only one that I did not order a medium in because all of the reviews said to size down for a more flattering fit! I sized down to a small for a better fit. However ladies, if you are bigger up top than I am, stick to your true size! This one is $28 and I just think it's such a flattering fit. SHOP IT HERE

2. Who doesn't love pom pom's?! I think this one is SO cute and perfect for Summer! I'm wearing the medium here, which makes it true to size also. However since I am somewhat short (5'3), I wish I would have sized down to the small for length! It's a tad bit long in person for my liking! Other than that, the fit is perfect. SHOP IT HERE

3. If I had to pick a favorite from the try on, this button up babydoll dress would be it! I absolutely love this style dress and will most definitely be over-wearing this one this Summer πŸ˜‚This was also the top seller from the try on! It's true to size and I'm wearing the medium. SHOP IT HERE

4. I just love a lightweight Summer maxi for beach vacations! This would also be perfect if you had a beach/outdoor wedding to attend. The tie straps are adjustable so you can adjust it to you. It's true to size and I'm wearing the medium! SHOP IT HERE

5. How cute it this?! This is the one that I was talking about that was rather see through in person! However, it would also be adorable as a bathing suit coverup so that's most likely how I'll be wearing mine this Summer. If you'd prefer to wear it as a dress, I tested it out with my Spanx shorts underneath and that totally solved the see through problem! It's true to size and I'm wearing the medium. SHOP IT HERE

6. The last dress I'm sharing is SO FUN! I just love all of the bright neon colors for Summer. It is also synched at the waist so it makes it super flattering. True to size and I'm wearing the medium! SHOP IT HERE 

7. Last but not least! It's not a dress but it's totally worth sharing because it's ONLY $10 and SO cute! A lot of people thought it was a skirt but it's actually a SKORT with a side zipper! It's true to size, I'm wearing the medium. SHOP IT HERE

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Handbags to Save and Splurge On

My Favorite Handbags: Designer and Dupes 

A few weeks ago, I asked you guys what you wanted to see a blog post on next. Every single time I do this, I get the most fun and creative ideas that I honestly would have never thought of (so thanks for that)! My top request almost every single time is either for statement earrings or designer dupes. However, I got one request that was my favorite so far 😍One of my followers was looking for a new handbag but couldn't decide if she wanted to save and go with a designer dupe or splurge on her dream bag. Let's be honest... we all have that thought from time to time when shopping! So with that being said, I thought it would be a great idea to share ALL of my favorite handbags that I have splurged on and saved on. Whether your price range is within $100 or "the limit does not exist," there will be something for you! 

Let's go ahead and splurge shall we?

First, I am going to share with you the handbags that I have splurged on over the years! One day I promise to share my entire handbag collection but for now I'm just going to pick my favorites. 

The cream of the crop... LOUIS VUITTON. A little back story on my first Louis.... 
For my 21st birthday, my dream was to not only celebrate in New York City but also to purchase my very first Louis Vuitton handbag while I was there. Now I know expensive handbags aren't for everyone so bear with me. I don't know what it is about these bags but they are just the bags of all bags in my opinion. I know I'm not the only one who thinks so. Anyway, thanks to my Mom, I was fortunate enough to be able to celebrate my 21st birthday in NYC with her and several of our best family friends! Long story short... on the Upper East Side (where are my Gossip Girl fans at?!), we found a high end consignment shop and I purchased MY DREAM BAG 😍I got the classic LV monogram Speedy 30 and you better believe I was IN HEAVEN. Funny how things work out because guess who carries my Speedy more than I do now... my Mom πŸ˜‚

A few of my favorite pictures from our trip back in 2015:


The bag I purchased in NYC (seen here):

My next favorite bag that I splurged on was my Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM. This bag is hands down the BEST bag I've ever owned. Yes, it's VERY pricey as I'm sure you all know but it's totally worth it because they last forever. 

NOW... if you don't want to splurge AND you don't want to buy a dupe version, I have THE bag for you. My Barrington St. Anne Tote is an amazing alternative to purchasing a Louis Vuitton. They even have two different checkered prints that you can get for a similar LV look! Jacob bought me the darker version several years ago and then I got the lighter version this year. It's actually even bigger than the LV Neverfull so I sometimes use it as a work bag too (for my laptop, planner, etc).

Less of a splurge... but still a splurge (Tory Burch)

If you guys haven't noticed, I LOVE Tory Burch. I have several of her handbags and I have yet to be disappointed when splurging on one! No they are no where near as pricey as a LV, but they can still be a little bit expensive.

My first favorite is my Robinson crossbody (first). It also comes in a mini wallet version that is $100 less (second)! 

Next is my newest addition 😍which is the Tory Burch Kira Camera Bag! I bought mine in the blush pink color but it comes in several other options (yellow, white, etc). 

 Handbags you DON'T have to splurge on:

This monogrammed Coco tweed handbag is one of my absolute favorites! If you're a fan of monogrammed items, then this is the bag for you. Plus it also comes in a new gorgeous pink version and who wouldn't want a pink handbag for traveling this Summer?! 

This next crossbody is my favorite designer dupe find ever! It's UNDER $30 and comes in 3 different LV look a like prints. 

Last but not least is the MUST HAVE bamboo bag for Spring and Summer! This is the Amazon dupe version (for the original that almost $200) that you NEED now. 

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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Summer Travel Essentials

My Barrington bag Summer travel essentials

Do you guys have any travel plans this Summer? Whether you're headed to a tropical resort or just a beach trip a few hours away, a vacation is a vacation... who agrees with me?! You can sign me up for either one 😍I absolutely love to travel and don't even care where the destination is. However, I've always been a beach person ever since I was little! Yes, I love the lake too in the Summer but the beach has always been my home away from home. My family has always owned a place down in Atlantic Beach, NC so I have practically lived there every weekend during the summers since I was a little girl. Even though it's somewhere I go all the time, I still consider it a vacation. It's just something about a beach trip that is SO relaxing and fun. When I travel (even if it is just a few hours away), packing takes me FOREVER. I always have 500 bags when I travel because let's be honest, us girls would much rather pack too much than not enough. You just never know what you're going to need and then you certainly don't want to get there and not have it when/if you need it πŸ˜‚Maybe it's just me but that's definitely how I feel! 

Today I've rounded up my favorite travel pieces from Barrington Gifts- You can shop them all HERE. They are my absolute favorite bags to personalize! They have the most fun patterns and travel bags/accessories and you can customize them SO many different ways to make them your own. I've picked my two favorite patterns and customized my 6 favorite pieces to share with you guys today. Since there are so many different ways to customize them, I'm going to show you step by step how I designed each one! 

1. Cosmetic Kit- Monogram Stripe

I did the EXACT same design step by step as I did the St. Anne Tote below.

2. The St. Anne Tote- The BEST travel bag I've ever owned. I use it not only for travel but also as a purse and even for school sometimes because it will hold my laptop too.
How I designed my St. Anne Tote- 

Pattern- Light leopard print (5th option)

Stripe type- The first option with the white on the outside 
Stripe color- The second option with the pink and white
Monogram style- I chose the last option as you see it on the bag! 

Leather- I chose the lightest color leather. I also have one with the dark brown and love it to carry in the Fall and Winter but I love this lighter color for Spring and Summer!

3. Belmont Cabin Bag- Stripe

I also did this one with the exact same design as the St. Anne Tote bag above.

4. Glasgow Passport Case 

How I designed my passport case- 

Pattern- For these smaller accessories, I chose the pink palm leaf print.

Stripe type- I chose the same one as I did on the leopard print totes.
Stripe color- Also the same as on the leopard print (first option with white on the outside).
Monogram style- For this one, I decided to go with the first style with the circle monogram.
Leather- I went with the same light color as before! 

5. Buchanan 13" Laptop Case- Stripe

This also comes in a 15" version! I chose the exact same design as I did on the passport case above. 

6. Landry Luggage Tag- Stripe 

I also designed this the exact same way as the passport case above! 

Click here to shop all of my favorite Barrington Bag travel essentials! 

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