Saturday, June 8, 2019

My Statement Earring Collection

The wait is over... my (mostly) FULL statement earring collection is here! 

One of my most frequently asked questions since I started has been about my statement earring collection. As many of you know, I have a severe obsession with jewelry, mainly statement earrings. Almost everything I post features an accessory of some kind because I've always believed that the key to making an outfit your own is with accessories. A million people can wear the same shirt or dress but I can almost guarantee you that the way each one of them accessorizes it will be different. Accessorizing outfits is one of my favorite things to do. I remember when I was a little girl I had a rack of hair bows practically a mile long. My Mom bought me a bow in every shape, size, color, pattern, and print imaginable. That was her way of accessorizing my outfits and I may not have liked it very much at the time, but I can very much appreciate it now 💗Fortunately, I don't wear big bows in my hair anymore as an almost 25 year old. Therefore, statement earrings and other jewelry will have to do!

 I am SO excited to share my almost entire collection of statement earrings with you guys! I have been collecting these earrings for years and years so I cannot guarantee that all of them are still available or even still made. However if I cannot find them to link, I will share the designer/brand with you so that maybe you can find them somewhere gently used. If I cannot find the exact style, I will also link the style most similar. Here we go! 

FIRST... I want to share with you this AMAZING acrylic jewelry organizer from Amazon. One of my blogger friends shared this not too long ago and I ordered it right away. It's available through Amazon Prime so it was on my front door step within 2 days. Prior to getting this, my earring collection has been a hot mess. They were EVERYWHERE... my husband will happily vouch for that. I had them on dressers, in drawers, in little decorative trays, etc. I mean everywhere. This organizer has literally changed my life when it comes to actually making my collection look presentable 😂I have about 50 pairs of earrings in here so it holds a lot more than you'd think! It's UNDER $50 and you can shop it here now- ACRYLIC JEWELRY ORGANIZER

Drawer by Drawer:

Drawer 1: 

2. Both the gray and black mink tassel earrings are super old from Allie Beads! They still have a few mink and tassel combinations available and on major SALE. Shop them here! 

Drawer 2:

2. Click HERE to shop the Allie Beads lip earrings 

3. Lemon earrings are Allie Beads and they are currently sold out. I linked a similar pair in #1! However, they have been restocked several times before so keep check on THIS link.

4. The white feather earrings are probably my number one favorite pair of earrings I've ever owned! They are extra special to me because I wore them to our Rehearsal Dinner that you can view HERE. They no longer make them but they are also Allie Beads.

Drawer 3:

Drawer 4:

2. Shop my favorite Sheila Fajl earrings here- Gica Earrings & Large Shawn Earrings

Drawer 5:

Be sure to tag me if you purchase and share any of the statement earrings! I love seeing how you guys style them. I hope you enjoyed- XOXO


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