Thursday, June 20, 2019

Summer Dresses UNDER $30

Earlier this week, I shared a try on session on Instagram with some items that I have recently purchased from SHEIN. I got SUCH amazing feedback from the try on but I also got many many questions from you guys about the sizing, fit, and shipping information. Many people are skeptical about ordering from SHEIN because their clothes are so "cheap" and they have "heard negative things about the products." I was actually very skeptical too at first because of my first experience ordering! A year or so ago (maybe more), I placed my first order from SHEIN and was so excited because the prices were so amazing and the clothes were so cute! However, I was so disappointed when my package FINALLY came in the mail. And I say finally because it took FOREVER for it to get here. Once it got here, the items were so small that I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have gone on one of my legs... much less my whole body. Needless to say, I didn't order from them anymore. 

HOWEVER earlier this year, I started seeing more and more of my blogger friends sharing items they had recently purchased from SHEIN. I messaged them asking about the fit and the shipping time etc. and all of the responses were the same. NORMAL shipping (5-7 business days). TRUE to size. Better quality. So a few months ago, I decided to give SHEIN another try and I am SO glad I did. Everything that I heard from my friends was true! The quality is so much better, the shipping is SO much faster, and the sizing is much more true! ๐Ÿ˜

FAQ's (and answers) from my recent SHEIN try on: 

1. Are the clothes true to size? YES (for the most part). I ordered 7 items that I will be sharing with you. 6 of them were true to size and 1 of them ran big (so I sized down to a small and it fit perfectly). When you click on an item on their website, you can see REAL reviews from people that have purchased. You can sometimes even see pictures that people share so that is what I went by and they were all very accurate! 

2. How long did it take for you to receive the items? Regular standard shipping time, which is 5 to 7 business days! 

3. Have you ever ordered bathing suits? YES!!!!! You can shop my top 3 favorite ones here that I shared a month or so ago! HOWEVER, the bathing suits do run small in my opinion. I sized up one size in all of these and they fit perfectly. I've already worn them so much this year! 

4. Will you order from them again? ABSOLUTELY. I will try to do one SHEIN try on session each month or so with new items that I receive! 

5. How is the quality? Obviously it's not the best quality in the world but it's certainly not bad! Out of the 7 pieces that I received, only one was see through (which I explain in the review below) and the rest were good! 

6. Was this sponsored? NO! These were all items that I purchased on my own and my reviews are totally honest! 

My recent SHEIN purchase (ALL UNDER $30 & MOSTLY UNDER $20):

1. This dress is SO cute! It's a midi length and a little bit oversized. This is the only one that I did not order a medium in because all of the reviews said to size down for a more flattering fit! I sized down to a small for a better fit. However ladies, if you are bigger up top than I am, stick to your true size! This one is $28 and I just think it's such a flattering fit. SHOP IT HERE

2. Who doesn't love pom pom's?! I think this one is SO cute and perfect for Summer! I'm wearing the medium here, which makes it true to size also. However since I am somewhat short (5'3), I wish I would have sized down to the small for length! It's a tad bit long in person for my liking! Other than that, the fit is perfect. SHOP IT HERE

3. If I had to pick a favorite from the try on, this button up babydoll dress would be it! I absolutely love this style dress and will most definitely be over-wearing this one this Summer ๐Ÿ˜‚This was also the top seller from the try on! It's true to size and I'm wearing the medium. SHOP IT HERE

4. I just love a lightweight Summer maxi for beach vacations! This would also be perfect if you had a beach/outdoor wedding to attend. The tie straps are adjustable so you can adjust it to you. It's true to size and I'm wearing the medium! SHOP IT HERE

5. How cute it this?! This is the one that I was talking about that was rather see through in person! However, it would also be adorable as a bathing suit coverup so that's most likely how I'll be wearing mine this Summer. If you'd prefer to wear it as a dress, I tested it out with my Spanx shorts underneath and that totally solved the see through problem! It's true to size and I'm wearing the medium. SHOP IT HERE

6. The last dress I'm sharing is SO FUN! I just love all of the bright neon colors for Summer. It is also synched at the waist so it makes it super flattering. True to size and I'm wearing the medium! SHOP IT HERE 

7. Last but not least! It's not a dress but it's totally worth sharing because it's ONLY $10 and SO cute! A lot of people thought it was a skirt but it's actually a SKORT with a side zipper! It's true to size, I'm wearing the medium. SHOP IT HERE

Shop all other outfit details here (jewelry, shoes, white bodysuit, etc)! 


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