Thursday, June 13, 2019

Summer Travel Essentials

My Barrington bag Summer travel essentials

Do you guys have any travel plans this Summer? Whether you're headed to a tropical resort or just a beach trip a few hours away, a vacation is a vacation... who agrees with me?! You can sign me up for either one 😍I absolutely love to travel and don't even care where the destination is. However, I've always been a beach person ever since I was little! Yes, I love the lake too in the Summer but the beach has always been my home away from home. My family has always owned a place down in Atlantic Beach, NC so I have practically lived there every weekend during the summers since I was a little girl. Even though it's somewhere I go all the time, I still consider it a vacation. It's just something about a beach trip that is SO relaxing and fun. When I travel (even if it is just a few hours away), packing takes me FOREVER. I always have 500 bags when I travel because let's be honest, us girls would much rather pack too much than not enough. You just never know what you're going to need and then you certainly don't want to get there and not have it when/if you need it 😂Maybe it's just me but that's definitely how I feel! 

Today I've rounded up my favorite travel pieces from Barrington Gifts- You can shop them all HERE. They are my absolute favorite bags to personalize! They have the most fun patterns and travel bags/accessories and you can customize them SO many different ways to make them your own. I've picked my two favorite patterns and customized my 6 favorite pieces to share with you guys today. Since there are so many different ways to customize them, I'm going to show you step by step how I designed each one! 

1. Cosmetic Kit- Monogram Stripe

I did the EXACT same design step by step as I did the St. Anne Tote below.

2. The St. Anne Tote- The BEST travel bag I've ever owned. I use it not only for travel but also as a purse and even for school sometimes because it will hold my laptop too.
How I designed my St. Anne Tote- 

Pattern- Light leopard print (5th option)

Stripe type- The first option with the white on the outside 
Stripe color- The second option with the pink and white
Monogram style- I chose the last option as you see it on the bag! 

Leather- I chose the lightest color leather. I also have one with the dark brown and love it to carry in the Fall and Winter but I love this lighter color for Spring and Summer!

3. Belmont Cabin Bag- Stripe

I also did this one with the exact same design as the St. Anne Tote bag above.

4. Glasgow Passport Case 

How I designed my passport case- 

Pattern- For these smaller accessories, I chose the pink palm leaf print.

Stripe type- I chose the same one as I did on the leopard print totes.
Stripe color- Also the same as on the leopard print (first option with white on the outside).
Monogram style- For this one, I decided to go with the first style with the circle monogram.
Leather- I went with the same light color as before! 

5. Buchanan 13" Laptop Case- Stripe

This also comes in a 15" version! I chose the exact same design as I did on the passport case above. 

6. Landry Luggage Tag- Stripe 

I also designed this the exact same way as the passport case above! 

Click here to shop all of my favorite Barrington Bag travel essentials! 


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