Sunday, September 22, 2019

Fall Wedding Guest Attire

Fall Weddings are HERE... So what do you wear?!

Happy Sunday guys! I am so excited to be sharing this post with you because this is always one of my number one questions asked in the Fall! Fall weddings are one of the most beautiful events that you will go to each year but a lot of people (including myself) always struggle with what to wear. My Mom and Grandmother have always encouraged me to reference etiquette books whenever I was unsure about what to wear to a wedding or similar event, so that is what I've done for you today! When in doubt, call on Emily Post. No but seriously, you won't ever regret it. Whether you're searching for what to wear to a wedding or trying to set your dining room table, she is your GO TO for all things acceptable and proper!

If you are going to a formal daytime wedding...

Wear your best cocktail or dressy afternoon dress! As for your date, make sure he wears his best dark suit with a button down shirt (and preferably a tie). 

If you are going to a formal evening wedding...

Always consider the venue (indoor/outdoor/etc.) and depending on that, you should wear your favorite long/maxi dress or a cocktail dress. Your date should wear a tux if the invitation indicates "black tie" and if not, then a dark color suit will work just fine. Just a tip- when the invitation says "black tie optional," it's always best practice to dress "black tie." 😉

So what do you wear? I'm sharing my top Fall wedding picks below! As for the length of the dress, refer to the guide above but also always remember to pick what you feel most comfortable in! 

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My Other Outfit Details:

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