Monday, November 11, 2019

Holiday Gift Guide For HIM

Need a gift for the special guy(s) on your list?!

I've got you covered this year! Whether you're shopping for your husband, boyfriend, son, brother, or Dad... you'll be sure to find something they love! Everything on this list is something that I have bought for either Jacob or some other family member over the last few years. You can't go wrong with any of these things! This was one of my most requested gift guides this year and last year and always one that's helpful because let's be honest... guys are actually super hard to shop for. You unfortunately can't just get them jewelry and call it a day ๐Ÿ˜‚These gifts also work for birthday's and anniversaries too!

So what should you buy?

1. A guy can never have too many button downs! This one is actually part of the Nordstrom sale right now and SUCH a good price. I bought Jacob this same shirt in a different print for his birthday this year and he loved it! It's true to size and a really good fit. It looks great paired with a jacket for dressier occasions or a vest for more casual weekend wear. Shop it here now.
2. Everyone loves a Yeti cup! Whether it's coffee, water, or their favorite afternoon drink... these cups work for it all. And you can even get some use out of it yourself ๐Ÿ˜‰Shop it here now.

3. Speaking of Yeti... these coolers are amazing for days on the beach, boat rides, or tailgating! They work wonders and are great to have handy. Shop it here now.
4.  I got Jacob one of these bluetooth speakers last year and he loves it! We always use it when he's grilling outside or when we make a fire in the back yard. They're great for outside or inside use and super easy to use when you connect through the bluetooth on your phone. Shop it here now.

5. Jacob got some of these last year and he uses them ALL of the time. If your husband travels a lot, these are also great for flights. I'm also linking a case for them that has a clip to attach to a bag and it's under $10! Shop it here now.
6. I seriously think Jacob has like 6 pairs of these exact same shoes. Yet they still appear on his Christmas or birthday list every single year because he literally wears the soles off of them. He wears them every day and dresses them up and down! They are also true to size. Shop it here now.

7. I bought Jacob this pullover for his birthday this year and was SO impressed with the quality! It was the first time I had purchased a Nordstrom brand pull over so I wasn't too sure. However, I was very happy with it because the quality is so good! It's a great price too. Shop it here now.

8. Like I said, a guy can never have too many button downs! This one is part of the Nordstrom sale too and the same fit as the first one I linked. Shop it here now.
9. These are the best vests in the world for both guys and girls! I have like 5 of them and so does Jacob. They look great paired with long sleeve t-shirts or button downs! And they have such a flattering fit. Totally worth the money. Shop it here now.
10. If you know Jacob, you know he has this exact hat in 3534795748 colors. I bought him this black one for his birthday this year and he loves it. He says "they fit really well." I'm not a hat person so I can't speak to that but he loves them. If you need a small gift or stocking stuffer, here you go! Shop it here now.
11. Jacob is a big griller... anyone else's husband?! This grilling kit is amazing and not to mention super affordable (under $25)! It also comes in several other colors. Shop it here now.

12. Last but not least is this super cute toiletry bag! It's under $30 and such good quality. I'm also linking a similar one in black. Great for traveling! Shop it here now. 

Click here to shop all of my gift ideas for the guys on your list! 


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