Wednesday, February 10, 2021



Pearls on the Pamlico

As a full time teacher and part time blogger, I can honestly say every single day I am inspired. I am inspired by my students, my coworkers, my fellow bloggers, and even random people I come across. That’s how I got started with this whole blogging thing anyway. I was inspired by my friend Holly (Make Today a Hollyday). 💓 One thing this blog has allowed me to do is connect with people ALL over the world, whether they are teachers, bloggers, designers, etc. I have met some incredibly amazing people. But today I have to share this story because I was exceptionally inspired. A few days ago I reached out to a random jewelry brand I found on Etsy, because as you know I’m a shopaholic. This particular designer makes the prettiest necklaces I’ve ever seen with the most unique and beautiful beads. Anyway! We started talking and I found out she was from NC too... Actually only a few hours away. Long story short, we talked and decided to collaborate. Fast forward a few days... I got home from work today to a package FULL of beautiful necklaces and THE MOST inspiring handwritten letter I’ve ever gotten. Turns out, she was a teacher for 24 years, then an administrator, and now designs this beautiful jewelry part time 😍 I mean I’m just in absolute awe of how kind people can be and how just the smallest Instagram message reaching out can make such an impact. Her necklaces are all under $50 and truly one of a kind! 

I say all of this to say- TAKE A CHANCE, reach out, make new connections, try something new! You just never know what opportunities are out there and what impact the people you meet may have on you or vice versa 💓

NEXT WEEK- I will be featuring one of these necklaces each day! So don’t miss out! However- I highly highly encourage you all to head to this link and check out her beautiful Pearls on the Pamlico designs now 👉🏻 HERE

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